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Monday, Jul 13th

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Turbocharger Shot Blasting Machine

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Machine for Cleaning Automobile Components (Turbochargers)

Automobile components like Engine Parts, Turbochargers, Shafts, Fuel System, Bearings, Gears, Pistons, Pulleys, Valves etc. get dirty due to deposition of flue gases, grease, oil, scale and other impurities. These parts are required to be cleaned periodically in order to avoid failure and mal functioning.

We supply suction blasting machine for blast cleaning automotive components. In suction blasting machine abrasive is drawn from hopper into the blast gun by a partial vacuum created by high velocity air flow. Induction-suction is suitable for use with light weight abrasives for cleaning of mild corrosion or scale or for achieving fine matte finish.

This machine can be operated at a pressure ranging from 4-6 kgf/sq.cm. with light media in order to clean soft metals like Aluminium without dimensional changes. The super blaster ensures continuous working and no interruption in blasting cycle.

Major Components of this machine are blasting cabinet, media recycling system, dust collector and control panel.


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