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Wednesday, Nov 20th

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Pressure Leakage Testing Machine

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Synco Air Leak Test Fixture has been specially designed to check leakage in water jacket passage of G.M. Loco Cylinder Liner. The inlets and outlets of water jacket ways of G.M. Cylinder Liner are first sealed with suitable fixture and then water ways are filled with compressed air at pressure of 120 Psi. Cylinder Liner Component along with fixture is now immersed in hot water having temperature of 80 degree centigrade. Leakages  in GM cylinder liner can be checked by watching air bubble coming out of the water. An transparent glass tank has been provided for detecting the air bubbles coming out of the water. The tested component can be declared as OK if ‘no’ air bubble is coming out for a given times.

G.M. Liners are placed on a roller stand of loading station. The liner is moved on rollers to load on the testing Rig having suitable guide dowels to locate and hold the cylinder. Operator should ensure the proper location of cylinder liner on testing rig. After having proper locating of cylinder liner, top cover plate moves down to seal the top hole of liner and pneumatic cylinder provided at the back of cylinder liner seals the water inlet hole. Compressed air is now applied through one of the top hole covered by the top cover plate and cylinder water ways get pressurised with compressed air.

Testing rig along with pressurised cylinder liner move down in water tank for testing of leakages. Vertical up/down movement of the rig is provided by lead screw. LM guides have been provided for straight and linear movement. Lead Screw & LM Slide Guide are so placed that they do not come in contact of water during operation.

Cover plate consist of a suitably designed nozzle by virtue of which air at 120 Psi pressure is filled in to the one of the water ways through it’s inlet hole. Nozzle is so designed that it’s orifice supplies air in to the inlet hole and it’s body with an oil seal perfectly seal the inlet hole for any leakage of air during test, rest of water ways remain plugged with the pressure imposed by cover plate on the sealing rubber plug. Air from one waterway reaches all the waterways through their connected path and all the waterways remain pressurised (at 120 Psi) during test. A mini compressor of minimum 25 cfm @ 120 psi air delivery (minimum normal working pressure) of ELGI make is also supplied with the fixture. Compressed air pneumatic system have a suitable matching FRL, Main Inlet Valve of both type manual and automatic, manifold, tubing and fitting.

Pressurised liner is completely immersed in an emulsion tank. At the bottom of the tank suitably sealed heating coil is provided to heat the water up to 180*C. The front and side portion of tank is made transparent by using toughened and reinforced glasses. It is also provided with drainage and overflow system. Cylinder liner is completely and clearly visible to operator for escape of air bubble during leak testing, if any.

SYNCO also provides  pressure transducer for air leak checking on pressure drop and has linked with PLC for observing pressure drop due to any leakage even without any kind of visual inspection. This feature makes the machine more reliable while making operation easier.


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