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Monday, Jul 13th

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Wet ( Water Curtain ) Type Paint Booth

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The most important alternative to dry filter spray booths are water-wash booths.

Instead of collecting overspray in the filters,  a constant stream (curtain) of water  collects over sprayed paint particles from the air. Water flowing down makes the curtain which collects much of the overspray. In the entrainment section, suction is generated with the help of exhaust fan and it forces over sprayed paint to mix in water curtain.

Sludge collected in water tank shall be removed and disposed off regularly. An agitator can be provided to restrict sludge to be deposited in tank.

Water tank and paint chamber are coated with Zinc or Aluminium to protect it from corrosion. The complete body may be made in stainless steel for long life in wet conditions

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